10 May 2007

We are so lucky today!

A neighbour (one I've never met before) was at the door this early morning, to tell us about a tree that almost fell on our car. Last night we had a strong wind here. As you can see we were very lucky. The two trees, didn't harm our car at all! Wow, but I feel sorry for the tree's, I liked them in my view from our bedroom window.

Tonight I'm watching the Eurovision Song contest. Hoping that The Netherlands will get past the semi final. The singer and the songwriter are from my hometown, Lelystad. What makes me extra proud... I'm also packaging some goodies for my Happy Mail group.

1 comment:

Emine Pazan said...

wow, ja jullie hebben idd geluk gehad PFFF...

Wanneer is trouwens de ECHTE eurosongfestival???