3 July 2007


We've had a wonderful vacation for the last two weeks. We went to the Greek island Corfu, it's very beautiful over there. It's so green and there are so many different flowers! The capital of Corfu is also a very interesting city (with a lot of cool SHOE shop's ;-). We've had so much fun and we are so relaxed now.
Bookmark this site if you have plan's to visit Corfu one day: Panorama Hideaway
It was the best place, and the owners Anita and Saki are great!
Now, I'm trying to organize the 665 (!) pictures we've took..... and tomorrow I'll go back to work.


Vee said...

can't wait to see pics, have a wonderful time ;)

Staci said...

glad you're back!! Sounds beautiful ....can't wait to see pictures!!!

Erin said...

welcome back!
sounds like you had a great time!

Sarah said...

I cant wait to see the pics

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