29 August 2007

New pages

It's the beginning of a new school year, so there is a lot of new fun and girlie stuff at my favorite store: HEMA
I really like stickers and fun tape...I'm so happy that scrap booking gives me the possibility to let the teenager inside me loose ;-) LOL
And I've also made a little box with keepsakes from our Vienna trip. We've used the map in the background so often, that it was torn at one point.


Anonymous said...

Your layout and box are BEAUTIFUL!
You have been very creative!!


Natalie said...

Fun Fun Fun!
Love that page!

MsGrace said...

great stuff!!


*fauve* said...

Love that Hema stuff!!Your layouts look great :D

micayla said...

I totally adore the frame layout, it makes me so happy!