5 August 2007

Runaway Boy

How was your week? My week was crazy; I've did 16 hours overtime, that's about two days. But I've had a great time, did a lot of stories. About foot-and-mouth outbreak in the UK, doping at the Tour de France and illegal child adoption. At the end of the week I've received a nice surprise at work... (but can't share that yet)!

Today I've made a simple page; with a lot of Gaffer tape!
Runaway Boys, is a great song from the eighties, performed by the "Stray Cats". I've used their title for a page about Samuel running away when I tried to take a cool picture.
Journaling: "Inspired by the pictures of two penguins traveling around the world, we wanted to take similar pics of you. The first possibility was here in Barcelona. But as you see, you really didn't think the same. OK, pictures together with dad are fine to".
Picture 1: Try to get loose first..
Picture 2: And just go!
Have a good week!


MsGrace said...

I love it!!


Vee said...

love it, congrats on winning the current OLW challenge
you are on a role girl and well deserved :)

claud said...

Love that layout! And you have a great banner too! I still have to design one for my blog. And I saw in your profile that you like to do yoga. Me too! Can't wait 'till September when my lessons start again.

Anonymous said...

Great layout and very CUTE pictures. You have a beautiful family!!


melissa said...

what a fun layout! :)

micayla said...

Love the layout girl!

Natalie said...

That page is awesome! Love how you used the gaffer tape.

M@rtine said...

hehe that is a funny journaling! Love it. Love the Idea as well..:)


shelly b said...

That bottom pic on the LO is AWESOME!! I want to do a LO with it!! So cool!