14 September 2007


My little sweety had his first (succesfull) check-up at the dentist!
The last two time's he didn't want to show her his teeth at all. We are proud!


sally hanna said...

oops! happy belated birthday!
i hope you had a good one.

have a great weekend!

Rachael said...

awww, how cute!! I didn't take pics when my DD went the first time!

Have a fun weekend!

Erin said...

Yeah Samuel!
Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yikes. He was a good sport. I'm so happy it went well for him!

I'd love it if they'd just put me out then wheel me in there, then wake me up when the whole thing was over.

Staci Compher said...

love the dentist pics!! you got such great shots!!!

Vee said...

yay, love the pics too! :)