8 October 2007

A new week

Life is busy, and fun, but sometimes to busy for me..
So, this was my week..
Worked during the day, came back for a quick dinner with Samuel. Gave the new babysitter instructions and went to Amsterdam for a debate about the Dutch health care reforms.
A normal day at work, scrap jacked Rhian at night. My first scrapjack!

I had a long but fun day with my colleague in Zaandam. We are going to 'adopt' a sketchy neighbourhood with our programme to see what kind of benefits the people will have from our new government, in the next few years. So, we were there to meet a lot of inspiring people.

Hung out with my friend Marcia, (she's lives in Florida and is a chiropractor).

Thursday: = "mommy-day"
I've mailed the RAK, at last! I hope that those packages will travel fast.

Work and preparations for my B-day party.
A lot of stress about our car, what seemed to be a small malfunctioning thing (I don't understand a thing about cars), is going to cost us about €2000,-. Looking for a second opinion somewhere else.
Hairdresser, Shopping, cleaning....
My belated B-day party. With a lot of great conversations with my friends...I forgot to take more pictures, received a lot of cool gifts to, it was fun!

Realised that there was a little bit to much wine involved. Last minute shopping in Amsterdam with Marcia, who left for Florida this (early monday) morning. Look at the girl in the second photo: LOL!


Kelly said...

What a week!!
Hope you recovered from your party!
And Happy Belated Birthday ;o)

Kelly xxx

Anonymous said...

very busy indeed...it all looks and sounds great though!!!!

Deanna said...

WOW, your work is gorgeous!
I am gonna have to keep my eye on you! lol
looks like you had a busy week, glad you could end it with a celebration.


Heather said...

You really did have a busy week. Happy belated birthday and glad teh week ended good. Loved all the pictures.

Vee said...

looks like an awesome week. love your layout and that rak looks awesome!! :)

Erin said...

love that you posted about your week!
Hope your birthday party was as fun as mine was! I was celebrating this weekend too!

Natalie said...

Wow! Busy week! Love all the pictures. And the layout too.

Fauve Design said...

busy busy busy!I totally luv that gnome stamp :)

Rachael said...

Very busy indeed!!!

Great layout!!

amytangerine said...

wow- sounds like a super busy week! love your bike!

~Nancy~ said...

WOoow.. girl.. you've been busy!!! A real busy mommy!! Hope you're hangin' in there!! And love your layout! XOXO

Anonymous said...

WOOOOWWWW what a week! You are a very busy woman!! Your layout is great! And it's nice to read you had a great b-day party! Well I hope you have some time to do some shopping.....they have such great new goodies at the HEMA. Like ribbons, buttons, giftwrap and applications...in that great HEMA style. So....as a HEMA-fan you really need to take a look!


Unknown said...

Happy B-day!

sounds like a LOT of fun!

Shelly Brewer said...

Glad you had a good birthday..and do you know how jealous I am that you get to be in Amsterdam?? I just LOVE it there!

Micayla said...

So glad to hear you had a fab birthday. You are such a busy bee, I am totally bogged down with stuff at the moment and cannot find the time to scrap.....But you must be super woman coz that layout is gorgeous!!!

Scraps from a boy said...

Ooh what a busy week!! And... I love your layout!!

Unknown said...

Busy indeed! Love all the photos and the layout! lol @ the woman looking at you both!!