21 November 2007

Good Morning

Things are getting a bit normal in our house again. The last weeks we had to get used to Rinse's new work schedule. He's a radio DJ and since 4 weeks he's doing the morning radio show at a national radio station. His show starts at 7am and he gets up before 5 AM. I think that Samuel and I where more confused because of this than Rinse himself (although we can stay in bed for some more hours).

I scrapped this story:

Things you have to know when you're going to pee in the wild.
1. Find the right spot
2. Don't pee on your shoes
When we visited Berlin, earlier this year, Samuel was just potty trained. We saw the city from a 3-years old perspective: Were can you play and is there a possibility to pee?}

And now I'm going off line for a while to read this:

and eat this:

See, you soon!


Unknown said...

Glad I wasn't the only one to blog toilet tales lol
Love the layout, great memorys lol

Anonymous said...

Really funny layout. He is going to grind his teeth over this layout when he gets old enough to be embarrased, though!

Vee said...

awesome lo, yum clemintines! have a great day and enjoy your book! :)

Debbi said...

Oh my gosh! He is going to hate you when he gets older. I LOVE it. I live to embarass my DD

glo.riah said...

mmm clementines!!

and potty woes
are pretty much
the same for a pregnant gal
if i remember correctly.
especially those last few weeks...all you are concerned with is
"is there a bathroom?"
"can i sit down?"

Anonymous said...

Your layout and journaling are totally great! Love the green, I am a big fan of green! Enjoy your book!


Je@net said...

Whahaha....wat een gave lo Silvia!! Hartstikke leuk gedaan zo joh!!
Fijne week!

cinnibonbon said...

Great life lesson. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mexx said...

hi lieverd, leuke lo en geniet maar van je boek want ik baal ervan dat ik hem uit heb het was ook zo spannend veel plezier ermee

Unknown said...

Wonderful cute page! We are reading Harry Potter with Andy too... He loves it... and clementines!

~Nancy~ said...

Whhaah.. love that fun page! Such a great idea!!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy reading your book!!