29 November 2007

Nails, Cards and workshops

I've went to Utrecht with my friend Lisa yesterday for an American Manicure. Finally these shops are coming to the Dutch malls. And just like in the US; the manicurist are from Vietnam (but here they speak perfect Dutch). Lisa and I received a €5,- discount; because or nails were looking good already in their opinion: he, he!

I've did some scrapping. One not-a-daily card (still got the ambition to do this on a daily base, but I think that I have to face it..) and

... a card for a dear colleague:

I'm already looking fore ward to the 8th of march. When I'm going to participate in the first day of scrap-a-liscious weekend; that Corinne Delis is organising! Yeah; I'm one of the lucky ones!


Veronica said...

I love that circle card. I wish I had more motivation to scrap daily cards.
:( That one is CUTE!!

staceyfike said...

love your cards!!
the circle one is too cute!!

Emine Pazan said...

love them honey
And yes, I'm going a whole weekend ;)


Nessa said...

love your scrap!! your rock!!!!

Nancy said...

Love to know where you went for that manicure? Tried to google it, but came up with nothing...
If you have the time, please let me know?