15 January 2008

Art, Craft and Culture

So, I'm a bad blogger. I've been so busy doing fun stuff. I don't know
were to start.
First of all. I'm very much working on my resolutions for this year. One of the most important ones to me was: Getting together with friends; more! Well I'm behaving now as if I was a restaurant critic; I eat out all the time: for lunch and for dinner almost every day. I'm catching up with everybody..
Two highlights of a week full of great things:
First: I've went to Brussels (in Belgium) with my friend Manon. To see
a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, we did some shopping and sight seeing to. It was interesting and we had so much fun getting there in her Smart car.

Then our friend Douwe celebrated his birthday and invited all his guests to watch a play with him. It was a great and hilarious interpretation of two Tsjechov's plays. Great actors to. And what an original way to celebrate a B-day.
I'm still busy and excited about next Saturday. I'm organising the 2nd Dutch(but there are also two foreign girls coming to -from Sweden and Denmark-) SiS crop. This time we will have dinner to after the crop with a big part of the group to.
And I've just received a lot of pictures in the mail...I hope to do there some cropping to. LOL.


alittlebitofscrap said...

It would be so much fun to get together with others from SIS and crop. Have tons of fun! and don't forget to share. I would love to visit Northern Europe one of these days. Have fun with those resolutions :)

Unknown said...

I would love to be a food/reastaurant critic!! jealous that you eat out so often!!!
have loads of fun at the crop!

Micayla said...

Have fun at the crop girl. We all have a life that sometimes gets in the way of blogging but hey we dont care as long as you come back!
Fab pics btw.
Have a good week!

ellen s. said...

couldi i be any more jealous! fabulous time you had and love the pics!

Staci Compher said...
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Familie Kubben said...

Hi Silvia, the pictures look beautiful! I am looking forward to saturday, see you then! hihi

Michelle said...

hi =) I wish I lived there so I could SIS crop, too..he he...great pictires...I love the red coat!

Je@net said...

Druk, druk, druk, ik hoor het al!!
We gaan er zaterdag een super leuke dag van maken Silvia! Heb al een keigaaf boekje gemaakt (staat op m'n blog) en hoop dat alle SISTERS iets leuks in m'n boekje willen schrijven ;-)

sally hanna said...

i'm totally jealous! brussels looks beautiful and i'm sure the exhibit was fantastic. have fun w/ your sis dutch crop.

Marlies said...

Can't wait for tomorrow!
Thanks again for organizing it!!


Anonymous said...

Nice to read you are having a good time!!