10 February 2008

Happy Mail

This week I received some great happy mail:

From my Happy Mail 'partner' Anna
We will send something to each other every second week in the next two months.
Yolanda send me these cute journalingspots:

And on top of that Marliese send me this Polish stamps. I will use them on a project soon.

Did you received some happy mail this week?


D@nielle said...

uhm no, i do send out a lot of happymail though .... Lucky you !

Essie said...

o i just love happy mail
never seem to receive any myself
but still hoping that some day i will

Love, es

Anonymous said...

Graag gedaan ;)

sally hanna said...

enjoy that awesome happy mail!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my blog!

You have received some GREAT goodies!


~Nancy~ said...

Oh wow.. that sure is happy mail girlie!! WOOHOOOOOO!! Have fun playing with your goodies! No happy mail for me yet this week.. but it's not Valentinesday yet right?? whahahaha.. XOXO

Je@net said...

Wow, you lucky girl! That sure is happy mail!
No happy mail for me this week :-(
But maybe next week!! LOL

Vee said...

love all of your goodies!!