22 April 2008

Group pictures

I just came back from my friend Manon. She just moved to a new apartment with her son. I couldn't help her moving this weekend, so I came to unpack her stuff tonight. We had so much fun chatting and we emptied most of the boxes.

This weekend was so much fun. I've had a school reunion from elementary school on Saturday. Everything was still the same! There were so many teachers and, now I realise how young they were when I was in their class. It was great to see what happened to all of us! It was one big happy trip to Memory Lane!

Did you find me? Hint: back row...

I've had to wake up early this Sunday, because of the 3rd Dutch SiStv crop. First I've had to pick up Marianne. We had so much fun talking in the car that I accidentally made a 30 minute D-tour......
The crop was good, I've met so many great new people and it was great talking to my "old" scrap friends. LOL, "old" this is was my 3rd crop ever.

I'm the one wearing a Yellow cardigan.
Please, leave me a comment, If you are interested in the next crop!


Erin said...

sounds like you've been having fun!
I want to go to your next crop...if only!

Marcia Hamelijnck said...

Hi Silvia,

I had lots of fun at the crop :-)!And I even finished two projects!


Marianne Hope said...

Hoi Silvia, I had a great time too and I really enjoyed the ride - don't mind the extra minutes. Count me in for the next crop. Lovely to meet up with other scrappers as well. Thank you for your link! Your blog is also linked in my blog, LOL.


Je@net said...

Ooo, wat gezellie!!! Jammer dat ik er de laatste keer niet bij kon zijn!!!

D@nielle said...

I had lots of fun, thanks for organizing it again ! Definately count me in for the next one.

sally hanna said...

i love that elementary school group photo!! it's always so much fun to go down memory lane. i see you! :)

looks like you had another fantastic time at the crop.
you all are so talented!!

i love that little canvas you made for samuel's school. i hope you made him one for his room. it is completely adorable!!

have a great week silvia!

Astrid said...

Bedankt voor het organiseren van de crop, het was erg gezellig!
groetjes Astrid

micayla said...

OOOH lucky you with the reunion. I had a mini one last year with a few girlfriends from school and it was a blast. I am looking forward to the big one in the years to come!

shelly b said...

I so want to come and scrap with you and your group!! fun!!

Staci Compher said...

I wish...I could crop with you guys...if only you didn't live ....so far...far away!! I bet you guys have a blast!!