14 June 2008

music makes the people

We are, here in Rose Street, surrounded by music. We have cd's and radio's everywhere. There are also many electronic gadgets around the house, just because of my nerdyness (tell me; who really needs a pc-zapper?). But an iPod was not here...until...our last pay check. Rinse "accidentaly" went in to the apple store here in Hilversum and bought us the ultimate gadget (iPhone don't work here yet) of this decade.
I'm hooked, I love listening to my iPod very much. And I'm singing along my favorite songs, when nobody is around (I don't want to torture anybody) When I was in hospital, a couple of weeks ago, I've just choosed some comforting calming music from my list, when I was nervous and just before surgery, and calmed down.
For now, this is my top 3:
mr. Love and the stallions (Check their artwork!)
I will listen to quite some different tunes tomorrow, we're going to the Arrow Rock Festival in Nijmegen.

Going to leave you with this lovely pic. Rinse made it with his cellphone yesterday.

OK, one more from this morning..


*fauve* said...

I luv Duffy sooooo cool!And your boy is adorable,look at his hair :D

Marianne Hope said...

Hi Silvia! Hope you're ok! Love your last LO! I've been tagged by two different friends, and since you are one of the few blogging friends I have, I have to tag you with both assignments. Take a trip to my blog and see what you think and do what you like (either both assignments, just one or none). No hard feelings if you don't do them... Hope to see you soon..


Mika said...

Hope you had fun at Arrow Rock. Also a big fan of Duffy i'll go see her in Belgium in about two weeks at the Wechter festival. The pic is weet. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Erin said...

I too have been using my ipod while I've been sick to calm my nerves and relax. Nothing like music to soothe you...spoken like a true music therapist! I'm off to check your music links.

D@nielle said...

love duffy too. Thanks for pointing me to adele she's amazing ! now I'm off to mr love .... Oh btw we so wanted to go to the arrow festival but had a "landelijke peanutball dag" in apeldoorn until about 5 .... How was it ???? we so wanted to see Kiss again and I desperately wanted to see Twisted sister :(

judith said...

He Silvia, how are you?? So love your pictures, especially the one with you and Samuel together! So sweet, I love it!

micayla said...

OOOH those pic's are sooooo cute! I so cannot wait to be a mummy!
I too am liking Duffy, her album is cool!