8 June 2008


So, I'm watching the European soccer championship now, with a half eye. It's Poland against Germany. I'm half Polish, so I'm still hoping that they will score, would be nice for my Dutch half to, because the team coach is Dutch. Well, I have to admit that I have the feeling that the Germans will win this mach today :-(
It was a very sunny day today. We went to a camping to test our tent, we will camp for the first time this year. This was a good test. We loved it! We've had some friend helping and a friend came with her kids to play and to drink some Rosé wine (not for the kids afcourse!) and eat some frensh cheese (to get in the mood for our trip to France).
It's a good summer already, last Friday was so warm. I blogged about it earlier, and now I've made a scrappage to.
The title is Suna Kareso (Caress by the Sun)

I'm planning to come back, later this week, to talk with you about some music.Have a great week!


Je@net said...

Gave lo Silvia!!

Marlies said...

Hey girl, long time no C... :)

I guess your Dutch half can be satisfied after last night.

And the camping experience sounds like fun!


Beate said...

Such a cute layout! Love all the colours. :)