20 July 2008

La Douce France

Hey, that's a long time ago! Thanks for still visiting my blog!
We just came back from our vacation in the south of France. We camped for the first time. It was great. But I'm still a hotel-person. Although I'm cool with the bugs now, all 3000 of them that came to share our tent .....
Here are some pictures that I've wanted to share with you. I have 708 pictures on our camera, I'm in about 4 of them myself, how stupid is that! But I have the feeling that I made a lot of progress in photography this vacation ;-)
Please come back later this week for a little give away :-)!!

Chilling in our hammock.

Visiting Uzes.

I love those cute Renault cars. It's actually at the garage, we went there because we had to get our (much younger) Renault fixed...again :-(

At Pont du Gard.

Little Buzz Light Year.

I love this paperazzi-picture that Rinse took of us in Disneyland Paris.

The only picture with the 3 of us. It's in St. Jean du Gard.


Erin said...

looks like you had a great time! Love that paparazzi picture too...so sweet!

Marianne Hope said...

Hei, welcome back. And what a weather to come back to, ha, ha. Looks like you guys had a good time.

Lisa said...

Awesome pictures! Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Can't wait to hear some more.

micayla said...

OOh looks like someone had a fab time, you lucky thing!