11 September 2008

First Violin

Samuel is so happy today, we went to Baarn today to rent a cute little violin for him.His lessons will start next Saturday. I didn't expect him to be so excited and happy about it. The lady that helped him pick out the right one was so sweet. When we came home he couldn't stop playing, he wanted to play along with his favorite cd (Piet Piraat,not really music for violins LOL). We have to talk with our neighbors soon, because cute little violins make a lot of noise to!

I've just made this. It's inspired by something I've seen at De Creatie during last weekends crop.

Look at the cute rain-cap for my bike. I received it from my friend Manon yesterday (a belated B-day gift)


Marianne Hope said...

Samuel looks sooo cute! How's your head/ears??? I wish you all the best in the time ahead, ha, ha. Love the little journal.

D@nielle said...

ohw I love little violin's :D The journaling is very cute !

Essie said...

Wow, violin. Not a bad idea to talk to the neighbors. Have fun!

Love, es

Mariangeles M said...

He looks sooooo cute!!

Erin said...

love Samuel and his violin!
So cute!

Je@net said...

Wat een gave foto's foto's van Samuel en zijn viool! Wens hem maar veel succes met z'n lessen!
Wat een gave journaling! Lief met dat vogeltje erop!
Fijne zondag!!