19 March 2009


When a pot with Orchid flowers fell on the floor yesterday, I was very sad to see that some flowers fell off. But I put them in to this vase and I'm very happy again. This corner became the favorite one in the house, instantly.

So this is what I'm craving lately:

Healthy isn't it?

I'm getting ready for the Scrap-a-licious weekend that starts tomorrow and is packed with lots of workshops. I'm also having the oportunity to iterview Dina Wakley for Creatief met Foto's during this weekend!

Oh, and for the love of a website I'm leaving you with this link: Indie
Have a great weekend!


Clémentine said...

There is a contest on the blog of Fanfreluches Design brand !!! Everybody can participate !!!...so gogogogogogo

D@nielle said...

zo da's zeker gezond & lekker. Zie je in Veghel !

Rachel said...

Keep the tomatoes but the slivers of cheese and crispy cucumbers look devine! YUM! Maybe I can make something that yummy for lunch today :)

Amy said...

That sandwich looks yummy!! Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting, and that dove will be a great addition to the nursery!

Michelle McGee said...

yum yum