17 April 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

What a day!
Today started with Samuel in a wet bed, I felt so sorry for him. He's acting as a very big boy since he's 5 years old. And wetting his bed, is just not part of his plan. He wants to pick his clothes and doesn't want assistance from me to put his clothes on anymore, he has to brush his teeth by himself (and he does that very precisely). Strange situation: we were half an hour early for school today! I realise now that I was running after him for 30 minutes with his underwear/jeans/t-shirt in my hands on a daily basis. Wow!

My day at work was packed to. I edited some footage for a new project I'm working on. It was very inspiring to work with a very talented engineer on that. In the afternoon I've had a class on developing new television format's (I LOVED that class). After thiss I've rushed, by train, to Amsterdam for a meeting with the trade union.
Back home (it was about 10.40 PM) I've had the privilege to interview Teresa Collins for the Dutch premium scrapbook magazine "Creatief met Foto's".
I'm working in advance because of my maternity leave that starts in June, so you'll have to wait a couple of month's untill this interview is published. It was such an interesting interview. Teresa is a very warm and enthusiastic person. I loved listening and talking to her!

Now I have to unwind a little and although it's already 10 minutes after midnight, I thought I could blog a bit to today.
I still have to share this project that I've started during Jo-Anne's class during Scrap-a-licious but only finished last week:

The translation of the Dutch text is: "We are home". I wanted to express that wherever we are, my family is, that where I feel home.

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