13 April 2009

Easter at Rose Street

Easters was different this year. Yesterday Samuel went tot a musical at the Theatre in Bussum, with Rinse and his neighbour friend. It was from one of his favorite tv-programmes; "Piet Piraat".
I finally had time to reorganise the attic.
This morning Samuel woke up sick and he had to through up a lot. He was so sad. He slept a lot and in the afternoon he began to feel better. At the end I went outside with him and played soccer with him.
Samuel was very, very excited about tomorrow it's his 5th B-day. I'm excited to...can't believe it's 5 years ago all ready. I sometimes still wear the PJ's that I bought at the last moment when I had to go to the hospital...5 years ago.
I have to get some sleep...must wake up early to finish the cake!

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