2 June 2009

happy weekend

picnic, in our garden, coloring a new costume, baby belly in week 31

It was a long, warm and happy weekend, we've enjoyed the summer very much. We've had friends over, went to see other friends, had more friends over and we went for a picnic.
Yesterday I've went to see (with Rinse) the movie Coco avant Chanel, which was quite good.
My feet are getting bigger and bigger. They are swollen because of the pregnancy (my bloodpressure is low, so there is nothing to worrie about), today they became so big that I've had to buy myself these Birkenstocks (and said goodbye elegance...).

1 comment:

Erin said...

loving your weekend photos. You look so cute with your preggo belly! Wishing you all the best with those lovely new shoes :)