21 June 2009


The photo shoot at Marianne's house went great. We had so much fun talking, hat we almost forgot to shoot some photo's. I am so glad with them. Oh, I'll miss being pregnant, I will miss having pregnant hair (I don't have to wash it for days! But I'm also looking forward to meet our baby very much.

So, I'm having a break from washing my dishes by hand. A good excuse was that I've still had to blog. The dishwasher will be repaired in two days from now. I'll have so much respect for that machine from now on ;-)..I miss it.

I'm looking forward to do some shopping in Utrecht tomorrow with my friend Christa.


BlessedinTexas said...

You look so beautiful pregnant. I really enjoy your blog updates and your english is great. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us. When is your baby due?

blessings for a great week,

D@nielle said...

you look fab ! So where are you going in Utrecht, got any fave spots ? I might be taking my hubby there for a day out soon.

Marianne Hope said...

You were a dream to shoot! SO beautiful! I am having a hard time picking favorites:)