18 July 2009

It's up

This is the crib for the baby, we hope to keep the baby in our room for the first month's before it goes to it's own room.
The crib is from the Danish brand Leander. I love, love, love it. We are going to use it hanging on a tripod because our sealing isn't strong enough for hanging the crib directly.
The lovely bird is from redmag on Etsy.com.

Yesterday Rinse glued this cute wallpaper from PIPstudio in our bedroom. With the baby coming he wanted a lighter room (it was painted dark green).

So our bedroom is ready. The baby's room is almost ready. The waiting time for the curtains is 5 weeks and we still have about one or two weeks to go now, I'm due in 9 days so...Well I'm not stressed. But there is an chance that there will be some curtains missing in the beginning.
In the mean time I've almost finished reorganising the kitchencabinets and I'm OK when our kitchen is not perfect in time.

I love how the baby moves in my belly;
I love my pregnant hair (I just have to wash it twice a week);
I love Samuel hugging my giant belly;
I just don't like my swollen feet and legs;
I don't like the insomnia and that everything is itchy.

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Marcia Hamelijnck said...

Wat een supergave wieg! Die wil ik ook wel als ik een keer een kindje krijg :-)!