13 July 2010

join the pipe

No plastic waterbottles on my desktop @work anymore:

I would like to live a lot greener than I do now. I'm a vegetarian, for some years now, so that's a check on most peoples lists for me.
My blog-friend Erin writes about living greener a lot. She's doing a very good job. I'm doing my best, step by step.
What bothered me the most, was me using a couple of plastic water bottles a week. I'm used to buy a bottle of mineral water. When it's empty I fill it with tap water, (the tap water in our region is excellent!) but after a day or two I'm used to replace it for a new one.
I was looking for an easy to fill and easy to clean (as in dishwasher save) bottle for my water and stumbled upon this website: jointhepipe.org
It's a community of tap water drinking people from different parts of the world. Together we build the longest water pipeline ever.
Please join!
It's for a good cause, but the bottle looks good (okay it's also made from plastic, but you can use it for many years) and is comfortable to use (is that an expression?)that's important to.
join the pipe!


Erin said...

thanks for the link to my blog. I'm off to check out your join the pipe link.

Marcia Hamelijnck said...

Goed bezig! :-) Ik gebruik tegenwoordig ook een waterfles, maar dan zo'n aluminium. Hij is nu echter stuk...weer een excuus om een nieuwe te kopen. Ik vind die van Anahata Katkin zo mooi!
Leuk dat je die cursus bij Rachel gaat doen. Zou ik ook wel willen, maar ik denk dat ik eerst maar eens ga bevallen en voor mijn kindje zorgen. Druk genoeg!
Succes ermee alvast!