29 August 2010


So this was my view for a big part of the afternoon.
It's because I'm doing this online class Home Ec, I'm very ambitious to learn some sewing skills but I'm a dummy, a absolute beginner. I own this sewing machine for some years now, but I've lost the manual very short after buying it. And believe me, I've searched for days on the Internet, made phone calls to archives, but I couldn't find the correct manual for this machine (Victoria). Well, today I was learning how to work my sewing machine by a video from Home Ec. I wanted to insert the bobbin in it's housing and while doing that, I've managed to let the housing collapse. I didn't know how I could reassemble it. And it wasn't easy to find a tutorial about that! After a couple of hours Samuel began complaining that he heard the word 'Bobbin' so often. But after many, many (sometimes funny) instruction video's on YouTube and a lot of frustration and a short brake. I've managed to install the housing for my bobbin and after some more time and a cup of tea. I've sewed! It felt as a little historical event (for me).

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D@nielle said...

wow I'm in awe, I'm always fighting with that thing wether it's with scrapbooking or needing to mend something with the sewing machine. I'm really bad at it so good for you for trying !