11 August 2010

Old School Facebook

It's a long time ago since I wrote letters to people. When I was in my teens I loved to write and I did that a lot. Not only to my friends that I also saw daily in school, I also wrote to different girls from my age all over the world. This was in the early eighties when there was no Internet, no Facebook, no Email. It took weeks to receive a reply. I remember writing about favourite bubblegum flavours and sending empty bubblegum packages. I've collected their letters in a special folder. I've looked for it today, and found it in a box. Now looking at it, I notice that this was the same as facebook is now. How, Cute!
Have to google these girls, I'm curious if they still remember our letters.

Today I received this letter from my new pen pal Sally, from England. We are participating in this project. I'm sure that we'll have a lot of fun writing.

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Marcia Hamelijnck said...

Ja leuk! Penvriendinnen via de Tina enzo :-)!
Is de online cursus van Rachel al begonnen? En bevalt het? Ik had ook wel mee willen doen, maar heb het nu natuurlijk druk met ons meisje :-)