5 September 2010

Handwritten & The day after

Look what I've found in the mail yesterday from my pennpall Sally! She is participating in the pennpallproject, but she's doing her own project to. She is sending and receiving mail in the most wonderful envelopes from people in the entire world. Visit her website and admire all the art that's send to her. And if you might think that she's writing superficial letters, because she's got so many people to write: wrong. I received the most personal and warm letter form her yesterday. What a great Birthday present!
I've received so many presents yesterday: inline skates, a book from Charles Lewinski, a digital photoframe (wow, wow, wow) bed and body mist.
During my little party I've had the possibility to pitch my businessplan with some of my girlfriends and as I already expected they were absolutely enthusiastic about my plans (I can't wait till I can write about that here).

Samuel loves B-day cake:

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