31 October 2010

Vacation in Kaş

We've just came back from a wonderful vacation in Turkey. We've stayed in a luxurious villa just outside the small city Kaş (with a private pool and private beach!!) My parents in law celebrated their 40th anniversary by taking us and my brother in law to that great place. The weather was great, the food, the landscape, the people. It had every ingredient for a nice relaxing vacation. And now I have to organise all pictures, I wish I could have another week off to that.
I've got some big news coming up this week!

Some of the Turkish 'Beatles'.


Rinse & Teddy and some water splashing from the sea.

Unpacking my souvenirs from this vacation at home.


ApachesPrincess said...

It looks you had an amazing vacation!

Anabel Fournier said...

Turkey is such a wonderful place!
I love your blog.
I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. If you like to accept it, hop on over to my blog to read more details. :-)