18 April 2007

Happy Mail again!

Look, I've got Happy Mail again!
The first one is from Jennifer and the second one is from Tammie. Thank you girls! Can't wait to play with all those journaling spots!
I love all the goodies that I receive with Happy Mail. But my favorite thing is the idea that somebodys saw something or made something and it made her think of me. And that someone had put my name on an envelope, sealed it up and sent it off. That is what is so special to me about this Happy Mail project. It truly is the thought that counts. It makes me smile!

This morning i went to the dentist. My whole face felt numb for the rest of the day.. unfortunatly I had to work and talk all day. Now I'm feeling better again.


Vee said...

feel better!!
isn't happy mail the best?!

Emine Pazan said...

so sorry for your pain, I hope you will feel better soon...
receiving happy mail is cool huh??

Staci Compher said...

love taking a peek at other peoples mail.....yummy