22 April 2007

Warm Weekend

This weekend rocked! We had wonderful sunny weather (thanks to global warming (:-( !) We've worked in the garden, played with water, hung out with friends. We had fun!
And I also did some scrapping! I'm so busy with the Happy Mail project,... (;-)
I will share some of that later (I have problems with my scanner)..

So, about the weather: I've produced a series of reports about global warming at the Northern Pole. My colleague arrived there this morning (he's just send me a text, it's cold over there). If your Dutch watch
NOVA this week!

About happy mail: look at the yummy goodies I've received from Michelle, from New Zealand!

1 comment:

Eminepala said...

ow those look YUMMY... you lucky girl ;)

I'll try to watch when I have the time today ;)