3 May 2007

Tag & Happy Mail

First things first; My good friend Christa gave birth to a girl. Her name is Carice: I love that name!

I've been tagged by Emine; to tell you 10 weird things about myself. So, here we go:
1. I'm a native speaker in 3 languages: Polish, Esperanto and Dutch.
2. My parents did not own a car for environmental reasons.
3. I don't like going to bed early...
4. When I was little, I was always late for school... it was just across the street. Now I'm always late for work...it's just 8 minutes on my bike.
5. I was never interested in drugs. I tried some marijuana once or twice but that was it. (yes, I grew up in the Netherlands..It's not that bad here...)
6. I worked for a Hardcore Techno Lifestyle Magazine and went to a lot of raves.
7. I'm addicted to news. When I wake up, I turn the TV-on and watch the news page on teletext. I'ts also tha last thing before I go to sleep.
8. When I start to read a book, I can not, not finish it.... Donna Tart's secret History was lying around in my living room and bedroom for more than 5 years. I was so releaved when I've finaly closed it.
9. I know a lot of (useless) facts about The Eurovision Song contest
10. Cooking is to me like mathematics... I always forget one or two ingredients or mess it up in a different way. I really have to practice hard for a couple of times before I get a recipe right. Despite of that all, I really like to cook. But when we have people over for dinner, my husband does the cooking, just in case...

I tag Meg, my new Happy Mail partner!

So, I had two happy mail days in a row.
Yesterday I've received this from Veronica (I love her blog and her work). She is also very generous and shared a lot of goodies. Look at all the Hambly! Can't wait to play with that all, I've already used some of it today on a new LO.

Today the mailman rang at my door, with happy Mail from Erin. A lot of scrap goodies, but also this cute notebook. I will look hot with that, while taking notes for work! And on top of all those goodies (..my first ghost shapes!), she has shared some veggie recipes with me. I'm already working on some of my success stories ( the ones I can cook "in public". LOL), but translating them from Dutch to English gives me a hard time.


Michelle said...

WOW! You scored big time girl! :D Enjoy the happy mail!

Love reading about your little quirks. :)

Emine Pazan said...

Wow what a wonderful goodies.. Sorry, I've been late with mine...
I'm not gonna let you wait too long...

thanks for playing the tag game...

And congrats to your friend... How lovely, a girl..


Vee said...

so glad you like your goodies!!
you are so SWEET!!
have a great weekend! :)