5 November 2007


First: I'm thinking a lot about Staci. She's lost her husband last week. I love her work and her blog. She's shared a lot of fun stories and pictures about her family and her husband Ed. I'm so sorry for her.

So, I'm having a lot of 'me' time lately. I'm taking Yoga-classes (I've missed that!), I've went for a massage, did a lot of scrapping, saw friends, I try to walk more and (on top of that) I will have a manicure next Wednesday! It was a rough year, since my father died suddenly. Now, I'm trying to de-stress a little bit, trying to find my balance again. And to be honest...I have had to force myself, but I'm slowly getting used to this ;)
Have a great week.

This is my take for OLW:

Look, I've made a card! Nancy had this fun tutorial at her blog, hope that she will post one again soon.


ellen s. said...

oh fabulous lo and card! i love your sunglasses! i am sorry to hear about your friend's husband, that is awful..some positive thoughts coming her way

Erin said...

I miss yoga too! I've got to make some time I think...
love that card!

saffiertje said...

Great card!