19 March 2008

I love this picture & pubbed?

I'm scanning my external hard disc for some great pictures that I can send to my (first) photo swap partner (ever); kellie.
I've met her a couple of months ago at SiStv, her roots are in the same city were I live now: Hilversum. Now we both signed up for this swap and we are partners!
Looking for the right pictures, I can't decide....is there a photo swap etiquette?
But anyway. I won't mail her this one. Or should I? This is one from last year, while we were renovating a build-inn cupboard in our bedroom. Samuel is helping us, we look like a real family. I love this picture.

PS: Please, when you're in The Netherlands: get yourself a copy of this month's magazine Scrap! I've wrote my first scrapbook-related article. It's an interview with Scrap-in-Style tv's Jeanette Herdman!


marsha. said...

Can't help you in the photoswapdepartement, but I like the photo very much.
And I've read the article: cool! I thought it was you, but your name was spelled different, so I didn't know for sure...


Birgit said...

Saw your article! It looks great! :)

micayla said...

I love that photo, it is just perfect!
Congrats on the article!

socialbutterfly said...

hey, we are in the same SCRAP-issue!! ;) congrats on your pub and i hope i can get my SCRAP soon in hands!!
thanks for visiting my blog. i love YOUR work!!
happy egg hunt!!

Erin said...

congrats on your article!

Mireille said...

loved the article! You did a great job! Thanks for contributing to a fun to read mag!