23 March 2008

Let it snow, let it snow

Can you believe this? We have a white Easter! It snowed a couple of times today here. Samuel and I've had some fun eating snowflakes today.

I'm taking Kerry Lynn Yearly's "Frameworks" class. It's so inspiring and fun, but for me also very complicated (so many new techniques for me).I've sticked to Kerry Lynn's design on this page and exercised on stitching, painting and layering.

The journaling is about Samuel being 3 years old
"At 3 years you are:
- a part-time astronaut
- you can't wait 'till you are 4 years old
but you are such a big boy already
- Looking for the answer on the question why it's dark in space.
- The sweetest kid in this world.
- Just Samuel.

So this is my 100th blog post! Wow! I like blogging very much (and blog surfing even more), I've had so much fun here till now. So it's time for a little give a way. Please leave a comment and tell me what you'll do if you would find € 100,- or $100,-on the street! I'll ask Samuel to choose a winner next Wednesday!


debra harvey said...

happy easter
great snow photos :)

Cricket said...

wow, finding a $100 on the street! I think I would put it into Mandi's savings account!!


Lisa said...

Adorable Layout! I love every thing about it. Congrats on your 100th post! Isn't blogging like therapy. I think so. If I found a $100 on the street, I'd probably split with my DH, then I'd have $50 and I'd probably spend a little on fun, like scrap supplies, fun lunch out of the office, who know knows.. it might even go toward gas, 'cause I love a drive.

Happy Easter :)

linda loe said...

Ja hoor bij ons heeft het ook gesneeewd kijk maar op mijn blog.
en het geld daar zou ik aangifte van doen dat ik het gevonden heb je weet maar nooit van wie het is. Misschien heeft die persoon het hard nodig.

Sharmaine said...

Gorgeous page!!!
I am someone who would try to find the owner of the money and hand it in to the police station.
If, be some chance I got it back after time, I would ummm probably by some clothes or scrappy stuff!!
I found and handed in a money box that we found, when I was younger, and we got that back. Mum wouldn't let me open it, we just added to it till it was full and then banked it.

Scrapdragons said...

wow snow on Easter...what fun!

Anonymous said...



Mexx said...

hi sweetie wat een gave lo and leuke foto van de sneeuw ik heb met mexx ook door de sneeuw gewandeld hij vondt het geweldig en wat zou ik doen met 100,- euro nou eerst kijken of ik de eigenaar kan traceren en anders de helft aan een goed doel geven of meer en de een beetje voor mezelf om leuke scrapgoodies te kopen maar waarschijnlijk gaat het gedeelte op aan mijn zoontje ..hopelijk zie ik je snel weer loves karin

amytangerine said...

so cool that you are taking Kerry's class! She's awesome. I'd probably try and do something silly with half of it- like get it changed for single dollars and stick them in random places and set up a camera to watch people find their dollar!

Je@net said...

Super gave foto Silvia!!! En de lo is top!!

micayla said...

Guess what.........on Easter Sunday we had a white one too! It was deep too, but only lasted a few hours. I have pics to share at the weekend.
Love the layout and that pic is too cute!

Anonymous said...

First I'd try to find the owner of the money. But if that didn't work I'd hold onto it. It definitely wouldn't stay in savings forever though, 'cause we have a big family, and someone always needs something!

*fauve* said...

Wooho 100th blog post!Congrats :D

Beautiful layout!It's so funny to see those little strips!That's a huge compliment girl ;P

Esther said...

Yes, snow in March. With some great picz of easter eggs in the snow. LOL

Congretz on your 100 post!
And what whould I do with € 100??
Hmm, I would take my blogging-friends to a scrap workshop and have a whole lot of fun!!!

Love, es

Mika said...

Great lo. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie!!!! First of all.. congrats on your TOOT! HOw amazing is that! Just can't wait to read your article.. I bet it ROCKS!! Love that pic of you and your little boy too!!!!!! Awwww... Have a great weekend! (and yup.. I owe you an email.. I'll do that asap.. I promiss.. hehe.. ) XOXO

Erin said...

love that snow picture!
I'm taking KL's class too, but have yet to make anything. I'm just soaking it all in....love your take on her techniques!

aslana said...

Snow was here at the same period...in the south of France ! Yeap !
Weather gonna be creasy !