19 October 2008

My new car

Look at this sweet blue, brand new car!

It's not really mine. It's our "neighbourhood car". Seven neighbours are going to share this car from now on. We had a small celebration yesterday here in Rose Street. It's provided by a super easy system by wheels-4-all. When I need the car, I'll just have to make a reservation online. When I make one 24h in advance, but one of the neighbours has made a reservation to, they will still provide me with a substitute rental car. Although not part of that system; some neighbours came up with the idea that this car could also be used to drive people that can't drive themselfs. There are 3 volonteers already and one family without a driverslicence in this group!

So, we still have two cars, the Renault is still on sale (but the market, well you know), but I don't need a car very often. Here in Hilversum I prefer to use my bike -also for groceries; that's not a problem for us Dutch girls. And when traveling to the city center of a bigger city, I love to go by train. Still, there are situations and destinations that aren't really suitable for bike's and public transport. And finding a parking space at night is very diffucult in this area.
I love 'my new' car and it's a great opportunity to contribute to the environment with some people from or community.

Green is hip, not only because we want to take care of our planet but also because it's big money. Here are two great websites where they are on top of all the new green trends.


Mika said...

What a great idea!
Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Judith said...

He Silvia, that car looks really cool! Love the idea of the neighbourhood car and that you are participating! Way to go :) Have a great weekend, love Judith