31 October 2008

week 44

Quite an impressive week, this week. I went to Poland for work, last Saturday. This was very interesting, emotional, thrilling...but I can't reveal anything about it until it airs in our programme.
I worked a lot when I came back, I've prepared a big interview with a writer for Wednesday show, went to the first part of a big trial yesterday, and I've had a background interview with two scientist today. I've missed being home this week, but I've realized to that I have a great job.

Look at these fine goodies!

The mailman rang the door yesterday and brought a package filled with many ,many cards and address stickers from Hope Wallace. She's the owner & designer from Paper Relics, I'm such a fan of her work! These cards are so smart, funny and artstic! I don't know if I'll be able to part of them, I just want to horde them. Thank you Hope!

And you know what!?! I've 'discovered' Ali Edwards. Yes, I was living under a rock!
Well, of course I visited Ali's blog, now and then. But I wasn't really in to her work (duh!), something changed. When I have some spare minutes..I visit her blog to read all her tutorials and old blog post. She's amazing! I hope to do her 'week in the life'-project soon.
Tomorrow is very exciting! My High school is celebrating it's 40th birthday with a big reunion!!! (And I still have no idea what to wear..help me).

Have a great weekend!


Marianne Hope said...

Spannend hoor, ben benieuwd naar de show! And about Ali, that was about time..lol.

Mika said...

Hi, Ali's blog is cool hope you find the time to join the week in the life.
Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

ellen said...

oh those goodies look awesome. i would have a hard time parting with them too. can't wait to see your stuff you do with ali e's blog!

i have't been here in forever! glad to see you are doing well.

sally hanna said...

i'm glad to see that i'm not the only one neglecting my blog! i hope all is well with you.