24 August 2009

on a pink cloud

"Are you on a pink cloud?" -"Yes, I am!"
I don't know if this expression is used in English (My English is so bad, I have to get myself some more lessons). When your very very happy you're wearing pink glasses or living on a pink cloud in Dutch.

And our little world turned pink here on RoseStreet in many ways! I'm kind of absorbed by one thing, this little wonder and her brother (and my DH of course!). I have experienced the most wonderful (almost 4) weeks now, cocooning. We had so many friends and family visiting us and admiring or little baby girl, the flow of people didn't stop yet! (And the flow of pink coloured preesents didn't stop either) This is so much fun!
Most of my time is absorbed by our little Teddy. Feeding, changing diapers, hugging her and singing her to sleep. She is such happy baby! And Samuel is so in love. It's great to see him coming home from school and before saying hi to me, or anything he's looking around the living room to see where his sister is. He is so proud of her.
It feels already like ages ago that we've sent the birth announcement to our family and friends, but I still wanted to share this.

We've found this on cardworksbaby. They have a great collection of cards designed by different artists. I'm very happy with the quality of the paper and print.
Here is one more pictures. Hope the blog more often soon!
Of I go to Etsy to find myself some more burbcloths.


corinne5 said...

meid wat een gave kaart zeg! en wat een schatje :)


Emine Pazan said...

aw what a cutie... I bet she smells fantastic...


Erin said...

aww, so cute! love that picture of Teddy and Samuel!

D@nielle said...

what a cutie pie ! and the card is lovely too.