26 November 2009

The art of craft

This is Teddy today, 17 weeks old. Se lies on a new blanket I've found on etsy. It's a very lovely blanket that came in the mail yesterday from peanut tree. She just picket the right fabrics and sew them together. It seems so easy, but that's not. I know now, I think it's art.
The next thing I write should be printed in the newspaper: I've sewed something myself! I've planned to make this burb cloth after reading this great tutorial. But you know, with a newborn in the house and going back to work, that was practically impossible to realise. Adding to that that I've never sewn without any help from a teacher and that I'm in the possession of a sewing machine with it's direction booklet missing! It's quite a miracle to me.

So, I've went on the Internet and bought one here, finding out that that direction booklet was for a totally different model. But I've also bought a nice book on sewing at our local thrift store, that realy helped me with the basics. So, here I am today, proud to present you: my first hand made burp cloth. It's definitly not straight (I don't drink, so don't think I was drunk while sewing!), and I'm ok with the idea that you might think it's absolutely ugly, but it works for us. It pics up the burp! Now I'm looking foreward to prepare myself for my next project!


D@nielle said...

hey iedereen die iets moois kan maken met een naaimachine is een heldin in mijn ogen ;)

RachelDenbow said...

It looks great! That fabric is pretty and your little one is just adorable!

Erin said...

good for you! I've been thinking about some sewing projects myself. How cute your little kiddo looks too!