1 November 2009

Hello November!

Hello November! Is it really November already??
Time flies, time flies.
My little girl is 3 month's now, much happened since her arrival, but she still feels like brand new to me. Tomorrow will be her first day in daycare, although I love the people over there (Samuel had a great 4 years with them), my stomach hurts a little bit when I think about leaving her there. I hope she'll be fine. She's such a happy baby. I'm sure she'll be happy seeing some new faces and other baby's. Still...... It's a big step in her young life.
So time flies while having fun. I'm also back at work, maternity-leave ends here when the baby is 10 weeks old and I went back. The first day felt as if I came to work in my pyjama's, but after one week it was business as usual. One of the most difficult things was getting used to pump milk at work. I'm still not completely happy with the quantity of the milk I bring home for my girl. So, when you have tips. Please share.

I'm very into etsy.com, lately (maby because I don't have time for shopping IRL).
This is what I love there.

This nursingcover is great for all my outdoor feeding. You can find it at babydarling.

As you see I'm getting used to the fact that my second child is not a boy but a girl and that I can buy girlie stuff for her...well I'm afraid that one day I'll be completely bankrupt with no clothes for myself to wear, but a with a fashionista daughter on my side though ;-)
Beanie is from zjohnson.

Can't wait till my teapotcover arrives! It's handmade by one of my favorite scrapbookers: Silje

This will have to make chaotic brain organised. It will help me remind when I fed or pumped and from wich side. Made by szetobaby.

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D@nielle said...

wat gaat het hard he ... Leuke dingen heb je gekocht, ik ben ook gek op online shoppen, scheelt enorm veel tijd ;)