13 September 2009

feeding Teddy

Breastfeeding Teddy is giving me so much joy, it's like doing yoga a couple of times a day. It's so calming and a great way to loose those extra maternity pounds without dieting (those pounds, all 30 of them, where gone in 3 weeks). Although Teddy is 6 weeks old now, my brainpower didn't return yet! The most irritating thing is that I can't seem to remember from which breast Teddy drunk the last time. Now I've found this great solution for my problem: Booby tags. And it's also a great way to use some of my huge ribbon stash.

I've found this nice link to a story about some celeb's that are breastfeeding to. That makes me feel like I'm doing something hot and trendy. Have to bookmark that page to read again for those rare moments that I do feel like a cow.


shelly b said...

Hey Silvie. Didn't know that you had a new little one. congrats. I need to read blogs more!

Diana said...

Hi Sylvie,

Thanks for hearting our Etsy shop! And for your lovely comment on our blog ;-)

I run two shops, one of them is Homemade Happiness, the other one is Ozowiezo. One of our products is BoobyTag... I really like your post and love it that you make our own BoobyTags!. I would really appreciate it if you could post a blog about our BoobyTags, for those of your readers who don't or won't make their own BoobyTags. Also a little hint: it's best if you heatseal the ends of the bags, otherwise they tear apart pretty fast.

Enjoy breastfeeding! I just quit, after a year of feeding my baby daughter - she's just more interested in cheese sandwiches right now ;-)

Diana said...

Oops, forgot to mention my url:

On Ozowieo Press there are pictures to download too ;-)