19 April 2010

today, this week

Ali Edwards is running her Week in the Life Project again this year, and it starts today. It involves keeping your camera with you 24/7 for one week and documenting everyday life. Stuff to look back on fondly 20 years from now. My plan is to join this project and create a digital photoalbum.
I'm not doing this as detailed as Ali will, or many of the commenters on her blog. I read about people that are writing everything down, hour by hour, minute by minute. That will drive me crazy after half a day and I won't be able to work at all. But I can do my version of this project for 7 days. Do any of you follow Ali’s blog? Are you making your Week in the Life scrapbook this week? If not, you should check it out. Visit Ali’s blog and look back over her Week in the Life posts from prior years.

In addition to taking photos and writing detailed notes about our days, I will be saving mementos from our life. Grocery lists, receipts, school work, newspaper articles, emails, Twitter posts.

Here are some pictures of our daily routine when we come home from work. The babyfood is not from a jar usualy (I have to mention that!)!
I've started this project a couple of days earlier. Because I wanted to include samuel's birthday (last Wednesday).
Today was a good day I was late for school and the daycare with the kids (as usual), work was good, I forgot to bring a very important part of my breast pump to work, but I wasn't leaking (LOL!), weather was good, diner was good. I'm fascinated by the empty sky. There where still no planes up in the air at all because of the volcano eruption in Iceland. I took a lot of pictures of empty sky's, but I'll share some of them later.

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