25 April 2010

week in the life: roundup

I've been documenting one week in our life. Taking pictures our (ordinary) life, journaling. I've enjoyed looking and absorbing the little things. Here are my most favorite pictures. Now I'm going to learn how to use digital templates for a digital photo album. I hope that it will be a nice mixture of journaling, tweets, pictures and other fun stuff, that be worth looking at in the future.
Day One: 140410

Day two: 150410

Day tree: 160410

Day four: 170410

Day five: 180410

Day six: 190410

Day seven: 200410

This week was not that ordinary, it was special because we've celebrated Samuels B-day and also because the sky was empty for a few days. There where no plaines in the air due to the erupted vulcano in Iceland. The sound of plaines was gone to!


Katyha said...

I saw you entry on penpal project and dropped by to say hi since we are the same age, the only difference is I have 4 children and you have 2. Lovely photos.

Erin said...

hey Silvia! just stopped by to say hello. Its been awhile since I checked in here. Look how big Samuel is! So adorable. Hope all is well with you and the family.