3 October 2010

Celebrating breastfeeding

(Marlies Dekkers Maternity Bra)

It's week 40, here in the Netherlands we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week! Time for a list of favourite products:

This organizer bracelet helped me in the first confusing weeks. Wearing this breacelet I was able to track down the last time I've fed my baby and on whitch side. For more help I've also used the help of these boobytags to locate the right breast.

To be very honest I wasn't very pleased when I've had to feed outdoors. Not because I think that women shouldn't feed their baby outside their home: NO! But there aren't many doing so. To hide my baby and boobies, I use this cover by babydarling.

To stimulate the production of milk this oil...

... and this tea are wonderful. It's also great to make you relax for a couple of minutes; something you forget with a little baby.


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