23 September 2010

Lost and found

Hey, are you still there? I'm working hard on developing a new blog. Preparing new posts and looking for a new format for my content to spice this all up. But in the mean time there is not much going on here, I know. I was very surprised to see the statistics, people are still visiting this place! I've started a new business and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but I have to be patient.

So now it's time to give a sign of life, don't you think? Last month I've lost a memory card, well I knew it was somewhere in the house. Now I've found it. It's very nice to see some pictures from this summer (this was a Sunday morning in July), it seems such a long time ago.

1 comment:

D@nielle said...

oh it's so great to find something so valuable again ! Can't wait to hear about your new adventure !